ये हो क्या रहा है !


Coincidences might not just be that – coincidences. What happens when people try to find reasons for things which are not entirely logical and under control? Is supernatural logical? 

This is a thrilling slice from the life of three flat mates studying at DelhiUniversity, who along with their seniors and friends are put under some extraordinary situations. From blood on the walls to ghosts scratching the walls, inexplicable incidences reach to a crescendo where even the most logical breakdown.

Age limit: 18 +

Language: Hindi

Time: 7:30 pm Date : 22nd December, 2011 Duration: 70 minutes

Venue: LTG Auditorium, CP, New Delhi.

Written & Directed by Ankur Sardana


Abhinav Tickoo
Anisha Thampy
Armish Sonkar
Parul Satija
Ram Dutt Sharma
Shruti Mehrotra
Vishesh Aggarwal
Devika Sardana
Raja Chhabra
Divesh Aggarwal
Set Design:
Vibha Bansal, Shruti Mehrotra
Parul Satija
Anisha Thampy
Ram Dutt Sharma
Aastha Gupta
Arpit Shrivastava

9 Comments Add yours

  1. ABhijit Bharadwaj says:

    Too many memories, too many feelings emerge when I see that this dream is finally taking shape. All the best.

  2. Rajesh says:

    WOW — Amazing cast!

  3. Kiran says:

    Congratulations.. 🙂 n good luck..

  4. shalabh singh says:

    All the best and rock!!

  5. Manoj Batra says:

    Are tickets for this up for advance booking or on-the-spot purchase?

  6. nautankibaaz says:

    Manoj, ticket info will be up soon

  7. Great Going Guys.. We definitely be a part of audience.. Excited to see the Next update

  8. sangeeta says:

    All the best Ankur and team. Few audience will be there from my side in the show…. 🙂

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