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  1. Tabita says:

    All the best. Way to go. Hope the play is a big hit.

  2. Yogesh says:

    Awesome… wonderful name and a great poster…

  3. fazal says:

    wow!! sounds realy gr8 ankur bhai.. all the best :))

  4. Yogesh Gandhi says:

    Brilliant! Love the energy on the cover. If the play exudes same energy and verve in representing the issue, I am sure I am missing out on something stimulating. Something as stimulating as….One Latte may be 😉

  5. Aniruddha says:

    Best of luck guys, hope you brew a good one 🙂 !! *Cheers*

  6. parasar says:

    Better be nice Ben 🙂
    ill be getting tomatoes

  7. Baljeetsingh says:

    It was awesome show guys ! 🙂

    1. nautankibaaz says:

      baljit bhai, wouldn’t have been possible without you, praveen, arul, harshit and shibika ! thanks so much 🙂

  8. Rahul RD says:

    Hey I loved the play.. It was a nice take off… very much interested to get involved..

  9. natasha says:

    thank u so much all of you…

  10. Awesome play it was. 90 mins of absolute fun!

  11. Amruth says:

    Wow! It was an great start for all you guys.. the overwhelming response from the audience said it all.

    Abhijit, way to go buddy… hope this is just the beginning 🙂

  12. Milesh says:

    Awesome show, Nautankibaaz! Very entertaining. Heartiest congratulations! Hope to see some more lattes in future…probably with some pastries too 🙂

  13. Mohit Sardana says:

    Heartiest congratulations to Ankur Bhai and all the team!

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